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No man is an island, and no idea should stand alone. Solutions hosts discussion groups ranging from nuclear experts to college discussion panels. These groups can be private or open to the public. We're happy to host any conversation. Create a group by dylan [dot] walsh [at] thesolutionsjournal [dot] com (emailing us), or sign up to an existing one, and join the conversation.

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With the help of a dynamic group of academics, business leaders, and activists, Solutions has recently released a special issue dedicated to creating a brighter future for Appalachia. A new conversation is emerging in Central Appalachian coal country. Many groups are exploring how the region can grow a more diverse and more sustainable economy by reforesting barren mine lands, reclaiming rivers and streams, developing renewable energy industries, and supporting the region's many entrepreneurs. This discussion goes beyond the important goal of creating a restorative enterprise economy; it also includes investing in the region's social capital. Including a diverse range of perspectives, rich historical accounts, and detailed descriptions of solutions already in place on the ground, this Solutions special issue is Appalachia’s playbook for an economic and environmental transition.

All content will be available online at the Solutions website. Links to articles in the Appalachia special issue will be posted to this page, and we will encourage authors to use this forum to answer reader questions.

Look out for articles by Wendell Berry, Ecological Design expert John Todd, and Vernon Haltom of Coal River Mountain Watch.

As always, we welcome and encourage the involvement of our readers and invite you to use this online forum to contribute your own thoughts on the future of Appalachia.

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With the launch of our special issue on "Getting to 350," we will encourage authors and readers to use this page to explore climate change solutions. Join the conversation: post links, share articles...
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We are a group of people in the Montpelier area who are interested in innovative solutions to our unique challenges. Montpelier is the smallest capitol of any state in the USA and we're proud of that...

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Founder and Chairman of Interface

Founder of the international climate campaign 350.org; scholar in residence at Middlebury College.

Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Laureate (1933–2012)

Indiana University Distinguished Professor Elinor Ostrom was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences.

Founder and Executive Director of Natural Capital Institute

President of The Land Institute

Adjunct Professor at Duke University; Visiting Professor at the University of Vermont, the University of Cape Town and the United Nations University; Honorary Visiting Fellow of Green College (Oxford), External Fellow of the James Martin Institute, and Visiting Professor at the Oxford Centre for the Environment.