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University of Vermont Group

This is the University of Vermont Solutions Group. We are based in and around Burlington, VT, USA. Many of our members are associated with UVM, but we are not exclusively a UVM Group. We welcome people from the greater Burlington area to the group.

We will discuss topics of local interest, especially issues related to UVM and Burlington. Monthly meetings will occur on the first Wednesday of every month. Please submit a request to join to learn more about this group, its meetings, topics of discussion, etc.

Dematerialism as a Path to a Natural Economy

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The hyperlink is a copy of http://dematerialism.wikispaces.com/ which has never been edited or commented upon. It begins with formal definitions from dematerialism; continues by presenting the salient features of my idea of a natural economy, a regrettable choice of terms; and ends up by discussing briefly the possibility or impossibility of achieving a society with no resource hierarchies and no possibility of ever establishing one.

Humankind’s Viability Is Preceded by Rapid Population Decline

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Part I -- How do we know this?

Part II -- How do we implement it?


University of Vermont Group

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