Increasingly, Americans are waking up and realizing that climate change is a huge problem and that it is not going away. However, it is so big that many people think that there is not much that one person can do. Until now.

A new app can help drivers reduce emissions by as much as 25 percent, no matter what kind of vehicle they drive. On top of protecting the environment, drivers can also save money on gas and demonstrate their good driving skills to friends and family.

The Green Driving Challenge makes the serious job of reducing carbon footprints fun and easy. The makers of the game describe it as a “Fitbit for your car—by keeping your car’s health in check and changing your driving style, you can also improve the health of the environment.”

The Green Driving Challenge is easy and safe to use. Users simply download the app onto an Android device, plug in an onboard diagnostics scanner, and then do their best to eco-drive. Once a trip is finished, the driver can check his or her results on key eco-driving benchmarks. While some “smart” cars can help drivers improve their fuel economy, the Green Driving Challenge provides even more personalized information that can guide and teach eco-driving skills.

A team of eco-driving experts evaluate each trip’s results and advise drivers on how to get the best fuel economy for their vehicles. The Green Driving Challenge makes learning to eco-drive fun, allowing drivers to compete with themselves or other like-minded drivers. Its benefits to the environment make it endlessly rewarding.

Join the eco-revolution of improving the way you drive. Help save the planet, one trip at a time—and, enjoy the ride.

Learn more about the Green Driving Challenge and download the game at

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