A massive campaign to vaccinate wild horses in the American West has gained momentum, with over three-dozen advocacy groups signing on.

Over 36 wild horse advocacy groups are demanding that the human fertility control PZP vaccine is used as a substitute to removing wild horses from the range in the American West.

According to the American Wild Horse Preservation campaign, the US Bureau of Land Management’s policy of rounding up, removing, and stockpiling wild horses in holding facilities is leading up to a USD$1 billion crisis.

Currently, up to USD$80 million is being budgeted for the collection and removal of wild horses.

Over three dozen advocacy groups believe that the more humane and cost effective solution is to vaccinate these horses with PZP, an immunocontraceptive vaccine.

The American Wild Horse Preservation campaign highlights that the use of the reversible vaccination, which is applied by dart, would save millions in US tax dollars. For example, for each mustang removed from wildlife and not adopted, a cost of about USD$49,000 is incurred. Meanwhile, to vaccinate a single horse will cost about USD$27 per year.

PZP is a biodegradable vaccine and does not pass through the food chain. Its side effects are limited.

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