The Guardian recently announced that it will devote an entire section to positive news stories to offer a glimpse at the lives and works of people offering solutions to many of the world’s problems.

It can be difficult to remember, or to even be made aware, that there are good things happening in a world where there are constant updates of daily horrors, with Tweets, videos, and images published for every development of a tragedy.

The world renowned newspaper recently stated: “While people kill each other in Syria, traffic children into Europe, beat slaves on ships in the South China Sea or just shoot each other dead in America, many, many more people are engaged in trying to address, fix or circumvent the big problems of our age.”

The newspaper will, of course, report on the true realities of the world, but will also offer a space for positive news to promote similar acts in others. “If we publish more examples of people trying to do inspiring things, perhaps it can inspire us all to make our world a little better,” the paper has stated.

Solutions Journal, founded in 2009, has similarly reported positive, solution-driven journalism for years. It focuses on real, integrative solutions. Our rule of thumb for articles is that no more than one-third of any article should describe the problem, while at least two-thirds should be devoted to solutions. Glad to see our approach is catching on.

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