It was a lovely November day at the Wellbeing Economy Festival in Pretoria, South Africa when Lorenzo told our Solutions editorial team he had chosen to advise Italy’s Five Star Movement on post-GDP development policies alongside his advisory activity with several governments and political parties around the world. The 5 Star Movement (5SM) brought fresh excitement to the elections because of their strong commitment to progressive economic reform; and Lorenzo was sure their approach was the right choice for his mother country and could be an example to the world. On March 4, 2018, the Italian people gave Lorenzo and 234 other 5SM candidates the largest number of seats in the election.

The 5SM victory is significant because it portends real economic reform in Italy – an economy built upon commitments to environmental sustainability, expanded public transportation, increased economic equality, increased transparency and ethics in government, and support of same sex marriage. Our Co-Editor-in-Chief – now parliamentarian – Lorenzo Fioramonti has been a leading voice for these issues his entire career as an award-winning college professor and author. Lorenzo’s body of writing includes over 60 scientific articles and 10 books. His most recent books are Wellbeing Economy: Success in a World Without Growth (MacMillan 2017) and The World After GDP: Economics, Politics and International Relations in the Post-Growth Era (Polity 2017). Clearly, his academic journey has well prepared him to step into his new leadership role.

Congratulations, Lorenzo!

Of course, this means even more editorial changes at The Solutions Journal, and it is my pleasure to step into the exciting new role of sole Editor-in-Chief at this time of transition.  We’ll be refreshing the Solutions brand, which means a renewed commitment that the pieces we publish will focus on the innovations that are leading the sustainability revolution. Keep an eye out for the launch of our new blog in August. And with your support, we intend to resume our print subscription option with Volume 10(1) in January 2019.

Next year is an important landmark in the history of The Solutions Journal – ten years as one of the leading journalistic voices in sustainability innovation. We invite you – our readers – to join us in this celebration. There is so much more we need to do to inspire the deep, systemic changes required to create shared prosperity on a healthy planet. But together we can make significant strides to create that future. Many thanks to each of you for being a part of the Solutions!


Elizabeth Caniglia

Dr. Caniglia (PhD University of Notre Dame) is Professor and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Economic & Enterprise Development (SEED) in the College of Business & Economics at Regis University...

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