As you know, Solutions has been in a period of transition for the past year. We have been reflecting on the magazine’s brand, our business model, and looking for the editorial team that can take the journal to the next level. We are thrilled to tell you that we have come out of this time of reflection with a clear direction and a leadership transition that we believe will catapult Solutions into the position to be the leading journalistic voice on sustainability innovation in the world. Your commitment to The Solutions Journal is as important as the magazine itself. Our impact is needed more than ever, and we invite you to stand with us.

The first major change we are happy to announce is that Beth Caniglia, Founding Director & Full Professor in the Anderson College of Business at Regis University (Denver, Colorado), has taken over as Editor-in-Chief for Solutions. Beth is an environmental sociologist with expertise in Coupled Human and Natural Systems, environmental justice, and urban resilience. Beth comes to Solutions with an incredible network from her time researching and consulting at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and the UNFCCC. She was named a Climate Leader by State of the World Forum and has received a number of awards for her commitment to connect her theoretical work to the real life challenges facing practitioners. You can learn more about Beth from the attached bio, but we encourage you to reach out to her and to reply to her requests to learn more about you as she articulates her vision for the future of Solutions. We will still be an integral part of the magazine in our new roles as Associate Editors, so please feel free to reach out to us as well as Beth.

The second big change we are implementing is a business model designed to make the journal financially abundant. We have run Solutions on a very tight budget since its inception, but to reach the wider audience that needs to benefit from our work, we need the financial capacity to innovate and grow. Therefore, keep your eyes out for new advertising banners on the website. The advertising will be curated by our editorial team to reflect the Solutions brand and feature products and services that match our reader demographics. A very small number of advertising views will produce real financial security for the journal. We hope you will help by clicking on our ads from time to time, because each click will bring more funding for our important work.

Finally, we are happy to let you know that we are going back to print for the Ten-Year Anniversary Volume of Solutions, which begins with the January issue of 2019. This Volume will make big statements about the direction the magazine is moving. Our editorial vision is to remain grounded in the robust world of academics with a sharp eye for pieces that connect the newest findings with the needs of our communities. As such, we are building strong relationships with organizations like the US Green Building Council, the International Society of Sustainability Practitioners, the Global Environment Facility, and ICLEI.

We are excited to be breathing new life into The Solutions Journal, and we hope you will be an active part in our next stage of growth and evolution. We would be particularly grateful if you could assist us in any of the following ways:

  • Send us a testimonial about why Solutions is needed in today’s world;
  • Open doors to funders and advertisers that will support us;
  • Encourage authors to send us their most innovative work; and
  • Adopt our journal as an official journal of your organization by providing paid sponsorship.

We are more convinced than ever that Solutions can provide a leading voice in the creation of a more sustainable and desirable future – a future that brings shared prosperity on a healthy planet. Thank you for the part you have played throughout the years.

To the Future!

Bob & Ida


Robert Costanza

Robert Costanza is Chair of Public Policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University. He has authored or coauthored over 350 scientific papers, and reports on his work have...


Ida Kubiszewski

Dr. Ida Kubiszewski is an Associate Editor of Solutions. Dr. Ida Kubiszewski is an Associate Professor at Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University. She is the author...

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