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A Review of Replacing GDP by 2030: Towards a Common Language for the Well-being and Sustainability Community by Rutger Hoekstra

As we look towards rebuilding the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, a coherent strategy for reinvention of the macro-economic system towards more equitable well-being and environmental sustainability is especially potent. Rutger Hoekstra offers a rallying and urgent strategy towards those ends in his book, Replacing GDP by 2030: Towards a Common Language for the Well-being and Sustainability Community.

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Get Smart™: leveraging student social entrepreneurship and university-community engagement through co-curricular programs to facilitate COVID-19 awareness in rural western Kansas and global online student populations

In March 2020, early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the leaders of the Honors College and the Center for Entrepreneurship in the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Fort Hays State University identified a potential solution to the double problem of the interruption of student engagement activities and the need for increased COVID awareness. They worked with their students to develop a social entrepreneurship initiative called “Get Smart About COVID-19” ™ that linked students with each other, with campus and community partners, and with local businesses to explore COVID science and mitigation through online workshops. These workshops continue to grow and develop as more partners come online.

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Using Constitutional Litigation to Address the Climate Crisis

In 2015, 21 American youth filed the internationally-renown case Juliana v. United States, claiming that affirmative acts of the federal government violate their constitutional rights and the rights of future generations. Juliana v. United States is science-based, seeking to halt state-created danger and other constitutional harms and to enforce legal rights to a climate system capable of sustaining life. The response of the Biden-Harris Administration and the Supreme Court to Juliana will signal to the world whether the US federal government is serious about grounding long-term solutions to the climate crisis in our Constitution.

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The answer is not Eco-Socialism … It is Eco-Anarchism

Part 1 of this discussion dealt with differences between Socialist and Anarchist perspectives on the global situation and on implications for the form a sustainable and just society must take. Part 2 explains how an understanding of our situation and the social form required to resolve it leads to implications for revolutionary strategy which also contradict those within traditional Socialist theory and practice.

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CityCrafting for Abundance in All Communities

TikTok creator @larteur posted a video captioned “All immigrants are artists” and as the proud daughter and sister of Colombian immigrants who would hardly describe her family as “artistic,” I was intrigued. The 60-second video shows a clip from an interview between Steven Yeun & Riz Ahmed in conversation from Actors on Actors (via Variety […]