There are dozens of magazines, journals, newspapers, and other publications out there focused on the environment, climate change, and global sustainability. Far too often, these media sources focus on what is happening rather than how their readers can create positive, tangible change. People are overwhelmed, presented constantly with intensifying challenges and no real solutions to what some consider “the existential threats of our time.” In this context, it is all too easy for even the most engaged citizens to turn away from the barrage of bad news. For our leaders, there is increasing pressure to act, often without access to the best and most accurate solutions. People want credible information but they need direction – real, integrative solutions for the world’s ecological, social, and economic problems. 

Enter The Solutions Journal, the world’s only media platform dedicated to empowering the people doing the work of environmental sustainability by connecting them with the solutions they need to succeed. We are committed to providing proven solutions and actionable next steps to our readers through a wide variety of mediums, from viral videos and podcasts, to printed copies of our quarterly journal. Whether you are a doctor of environmental biology, a student of environmental science, a civil servant, an institutional leader, or a civilian simply curious about doing your part for a sustainable future, Solutions is your best source for engaging and accessible content with cross-sector insights. We are your starting point for action. 

For over a decade, Solutions has been the primary source of sustainability innovation news for readers around the world. Today, our content is read in more places than there are countries, and carried with field experts beyond national borders. This content is developed by an unparalleled expert contributor base and overseen by Editor-in-Chief Beth Caniglia, Ph.D. Our editorial board includes leading practitioners, prolific scholars, and forward thinking policy-makers like Vandana Shiva, Hunter Lovins, and Bill McKibben. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that our website is visited by 300,000+ visitors each year, accessing both our new content and our library of more than 1,200 articles. With a readership that is 65% Millennial, Solutions is reaching and connecting the next generation of thinkers and leaders in environmental sustainability.

When you support The Solutions Journal – whether as a subscriber, an advertiser, or a solidarity partner, you are joining a global community. We are the believers, the people who are confident in the potential for a better and more desirable future ahead. We believe that increasing access to information on best practices, whether cutting-edge or handed-down through generations, will allow everyone to build a brighter future. We are working together as part of an international network of stakeholders to create everything from incremental shifts in practice to major evolutions in policy. Your support fuels this community, its productive dialogue, and our common vision.


Solutions is a non-profit online publication devoted to showcasing bold and innovative ideas for solving the world’s integrated ecological, social, and economic problems.

Our mission is to provide a forum for developing and discussing seriously creative ideas to solve society’s most pressing problems in an integrated way.

What makes us unique

  • Solutions is a hybrid peer-reviewed journal and popular magazine (think Nature meets the New Yorker). It’s intended to allow serious, creative dialogue and discussion at the highest level across a range of perspectives, while still being understandable and engaging to the lay public. It moves beyond the current culture of argument that casts even the most complex problems as polarizing debates.
  • It focuses on real, integrative solutions. Our rule of thumb for articles is no more than one-third of the paper should describe the problem, while at least two-thirds should be devoted to solutions.
  • We use a more constructive review process that encourages reviewers to not only critically evaluate articles but to contribute to the ongoing discussion in creative ways, including publishing accompanying “In Focus” pieces or even becoming coauthors.
  • We are a non-profit (501c3) and are using a “public radio” model for much of our funding: individual, business, and institutional sponsorships and grants allow the website to remain free, open access, and unbiased.
  • We have sponsorships and partnerships with a broad range of businesses, institutions, and academic societies, allowing us to function as a community space while bridging the gap between a variety of perspectives.
  • We use the creative commons share licensing system (“copylefting” rather than copyrighting) to spread information more broadly while maintaining appropriate credit for authors.
  • We have a world class, transdisciplinary, multisector editorial board to ensure that we have the best available ideas from a broad range of perspectives.

Founded by Robert Costanza, David Orr, Paul Hawken and John Todd, the journal brings the cutting edge ideas of academics and professionals in the field to an audience of policy makers, business leaders, and engaged members of the public.

Launched in January 2010 as a bimonthly, the original print journal was designed by award-winning graphic designer Terry Irwin. Our interactive website features our exclusive archive of peer-reviewed articles and our online community of fellow problem solvers.

The ISSN for the online version of Solutions is: ISSN 2154-0926

Vision and Mission

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