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Understanding Wellbeing

In this briefing, we delve into how different communities of interest describe wellbeing and use it to improve lives. Broadly speaking, these discussions embrace personal wellbeing, community wellbeing, and societal wellbeing. We end with a short discussion of how these concepts are used by governments to promote wellbeing of populations.

From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism: 21st Century System Value Creation

This article is excerpted from a white paper of the same title published in December 2020 by r3.0 (Redesign for Resilience & Regeneration). The piece makes the case that the current form of capitalism is fatally flawed, as it focuses exclusively on the growth and concentration of a single capital – financial capital – and that the very survival of the human species depends on transitioning from the Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism, which focuses on dynamic balance between the capitals, respecting their carrying capacity thresholds.

Europe’s 21st Century Insurance Plan for Recovery & Renewal

This is the first publication in a global series urging new economic thinking and application in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and in preparation for future climate, biodiversity, and health crises. The publication sets out a possible 21st Century insurance plan for Europe’s long-term economic recovery and renewal. The time is ripe to build on years of transformational change and systems logic, immediate policy changes spurred by the European Green Deal and growing citizen openness for a healthier, more sustainable and more resilient future post COVID-19.


Envision the Future

The answer is not Eco-Socialism … It is Eco-Anarchism

Part 1 of this discussion dealt with differences between Socialist and Anarchist perspectives on the global situation and on implications for the form a sustainable and just society must take. Part 2 explains how an understanding of our situation and the social form required to resolve it leads to implications for revolutionary strategy which also contradict those within traditional Socialist theory and practice.

Science, Belief, and Democracy

The United States was founded on ideas that reflected Enlightenment thinking, including the importance of science and the separation of church and state. People were allowed the freedom to believe whatever they wanted, but those beliefs were not to interfere with the operation of the democratically elected government. Maintaining the separation between church and state […]


The Historic March of Capitalism and Why CityCraft is Committed to Regenerative Communities

Over the last decade, the degree of income and wealth disparity in the United States has become increasingly evident as the aggregate wealth created through our economy concentrates in a smaller portion of the population, while the majority of our  country functions in a system that constrains personal financial growth and independence. The result has been a growing social backlash that attacks the wealthy, corporations and […]

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Using Constitutional Litigation to Address the Climate Crisis

In 2015, 21 American youth filed the internationally-renown case Juliana v. United States, claiming that affirmative acts of the federal government violate their constitutional rights and the rights of future generations. Juliana v. United States is science-based, seeking to halt state-created danger and other constitutional harms and to enforce legal rights to a climate system capable of sustaining life. The response of the Biden-Harris Administration and the Supreme Court to Juliana will signal to the world whether the US federal government is serious about grounding long-term solutions to the climate crisis in our Constitution.

Making Sustainable Palm Oil A Reality With Palm Done Right

Palm oil is an ingredient as widespread as it is controversial. Found in products like food, cosmetics, soap and even detergent, it is a hot topic among those concerned with the environment, animal welfare, and food justice. In the media there has […]