For more than forty years, the individual members of our editorial board have been strong, vocal supporters of solutions to urgent socio-economic and environmental problems worldwide. They know that the biggest problems need solutions that involve not only science and technology, but innovative and practical answers to how we organize ourselves and how we live. From the start, their quest has been to illuminate and educate. Now, they have come together to create a common forum, through Solutions, for dialogue with people, governments, academia, business, and civil society – to identify potential whole-system solutions and inspire action towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

Your contribution to Solutions can help thought leaders from every human endeavor share catalytic ideas that can change the world for the better. Please be a part of the solution…..

Make a Personal Contribution to a Sustainable Future

How can you help? There are many ways to make a tax-deductible donation to Solutions. We gratefully accept gifts of any size, no matter how small or large. Individuals donating more than $1,000 in a calendar year will be gladly acknowledged in our first-of-the-year edition.

Give by PayPal:

Earth Incorporated, c/o Colleen Maney


Gifts of Stocks and Legacy Bequests:

Please contact Lorenzo Fioramonti, by email at

Create a Green Legacy by Sponsoring Sustainable Solutions

We gratefully accept financial sponsorship from organizations or individuals who share our vision and goals. There are many levels of tax-deductible giving.

Major Foundation Support:

We are particularly grateful to the Adam J. Lewis Family Foundation, whose generous support has enabled us to launch Solutions. However, now that we are established, we will need ongoing support from other foundations to continue the dialogue.

Council of Visionaries:

Individuals and/or organizations who contribute $100,000 or more in financial support will be invited to join our Council of Visionaries. Each year, we will offer each member of our Council of Visionaries the opportunity to showcase their own solution on our web page and in our print edition through a full-page advertisement or a small article about their organization. We will proudly carry Council members’ names or logos in both our print and web editions, and will acknowledge Council members’ contributions in our annual report, in perpetuity. We will also provide 50 free print subscriptions to Solutions for one year. (Council members may designate to whom each of the subscriptions will be sent, in their name). Council of Visionaries members are also automatically included in our honored guest lists for any conferences or events hosted by Solutions.

Stewardship Circle:

Individuals and/or organizations which contribute between $50,000 and $100,000 will be acknowledged in our print and on-line editions for two years as a member of our Stewardship Circle, and also in our annual report for two calendar years. We will carry the logo of the organization in our sponsor’s acknowledgement section. Stewardship Circle members are entitled to showcase their favorite or personal solutions on a half page advertisement or a small article about their organization. Stewardship members will also receive ten print subscriptions, sent to whoever the member designates.

Friends of Sustainability:

Contributions between $10,000 and $50,000 will be recognized by carrying the sponsor’s logo in our print and on-line versions for a year. We will offer five free print subscriptions to the sponsor’s designated recipients and will showcase a solution being implemented by our sponsoring organization on a webpage. We will also recognize our Friends of Sustainability in our annual report at the end of the calendar year.


Individuals or organizations who contribute between $1,000 and $10,000 will be acknowledged in our annual report, and their logo or name will be carried in a print and on-line edition of Solutions.

To discuss becoming a sponsor of Solutions, please contact Lorenzo Fioramontu via email at

Partner with SOLUTIONS for Sustainable Progress

We partner with organizations that support our goal of promoting a sustainable and desirable future and which are willing to provide an in-kind or monetary contribution to Solutions. In return, Solutions will draw upon your organization’s intellectual support in shaping the journal. As a full partner, you will be listed as a partner in our print and on-line editions. If your organization has developed a solution that our readers should hear about, we will feature your solution on a page of our on-line version, and potentially in the print version. Last, we will serve as a conduit for speaker requests from our partners for our highly respected editorial board members.

An in-kind contribution from a partner might include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • advertisement and promotion of Solutions to employees and affiliates
  • donation of useful goods such as computers or print paper stock
  • services such as printing or graphic design
  • conference space and/or facilities
  • cross-linking from your website
  • web content sharing, such as relevant news stories
  • co-hosting of a launch event or a conference

For inquiries about partnership opportunities, please contact Lorenzo Fioramonti at

(Note: In-kind contributions to Solutions are tax-deductible within the limits of the tax code. It is the responsibility of the donating organization to determine the monetized value of an in-kind contribution.)


If your organization is unable to commit to sponsorship or partnership, we offer a full range of advertising opportunities, from full page color ads to banner sharing. For more information about advertising in Solutions, please contact Lorenzo Fioramonti at

Content Contributions:

Solutions welcomes contributions of content from individuals and organizations. If you are interested in contributing to our dialogue, please see Solutions’ guidelines for authors

Solutions is registered as a 501(C)(3).