Welcome to the CityCrafting Solutions blog, co-sponsored by CityCraft Community Partners, The CityCraft Foundation, and Solutions Journal.  This new blog represents our desire to build sustainable, equitable and resilient human habitat by featuring a way of practice in restoring communities developed over three generations that we call “CityCrafting.” Rapid urbanization, climate change, income and asset inequality, social isolation and the disintegration of the social contract have combined to create very real consequences, especially for the most vulnerable among us. We are committed to advancing our understanding and implementation of the regenerative principles needed to build flourishing, inclusive communities. Our blog will regularly feature our principals within CityCraft on a rotating weekly basis and will also bring in scholars, practitioners, thought leaders and others engaged in defining, implementing, and evaluating regenerative designs, processes and outcomes. 

In addition, we also want to actively engage you, our reader.  Please respond to our blog entries and join the conversation to advance our thinking and practice.  We welcome candid conversation and constructive criticism, but this is not the place for ad hominem attacks or trolling, and we reserve the right to remove comments or block participants who do not engage in respectful dialogue. 

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Enduring Curiosity Podcast

The Enduring Curiosity Podcast is a production of Lugus Films Media and is brought to you by Enduring Curiosity in association with CityCraft and Solutions Journal. The podcast will release a new episode every two weeks beginning on Earth Day 2021 featuring a diverse cast of voices offering multi-disciplinary solutions to the challenges facing our planet. 

Grey Gowder hosts a series of conversations with thought-leaders, community leaders, scientists, and storytellers working to transform our world. This inspirational and educational podcast encourages listeners to pursue their curiosities about the world and to never stop learning.

Dr. Leslie Sautter – Discovering the Deep Enduring Curiosity

Dr. Leslie Sautter is an associate professor of Marine Geology and Paleoceanography at the College of Charleston and specializes in the development and implementation of multi-beam sonar deep-sea mapping to study and characterize seafloor habitat and ecosystems. She also works to advance programs to engage students in real-world research programs at sea.She joins us to celebrate World Oceans Week by sharing the vast amount of discovery left to be done in our ocean. By likening the dawn of deep-ocean discovery to the early days of space exploration, Dr. Sautter charts an exciting course for aspiring oceanographers, marine biologists, and marine geologists in search of adventure and the chance to see the previously unseen. To get a preview of some of the remarkable findings she and her colleagues are making, check out NOAA's Ocean Explorer website and take a few moments to watch this remarkable footage from their submersible. This episode of the Enduring Curiosity Podcast is sponsored by Enduring Curiosity, in association with the CityCraft Foundation.Show Notes:Guest – Dr. Leslie SautterHost – Grey GowderMusic (via Epidemic Sound) – "Deep in the Blue" (Instrumental Version)  by Ingrid WittPhoto courtesy of Brooke et al. 2005, NOAA-OER Florida Deep Corals.Produced by Lugus Films Media
  1. Dr. Leslie Sautter – Discovering the Deep
  2. Rick Crawford: The Sustainable Angler
  3. Eugénia Barroca – For the Love of the Sea
  4. John Knott: Healing the Garden

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Who are we?

CityCraft Community Partners

CityCraft Community Partners are John L. Knott, Jr., Michael Ibarra, and W. Andrew Gowder, Jr., scholars and practitioners in the areas of regenerative capital, governance, and leadership.  CityCraft Community Partners is organized as a South Carolina benefit corporation works with communities by invitation to assist them in conceiving and implementing bioregional solutions that will result in investment in growing local capacity. 

The CityCraft Foundation

The CityCraft Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation principally engaged in founding, nurturing, and connecting community nonprofit initiatives at the local and bioregional level.  The Foundation works in communities throughout the United States and is led by Executive Director Katherine Teague, based in Denver, Colorado. 

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CityCrafting Solutions

“It appears that nutrient exchange and helping neighbors in times of need is the rule, and this leads to the conclusion that forests are superorganisms with interconnections much like ant colonies.”  “There are more life forms in a handful of forest soil than there are people on the planet. A mere teaspoonful contains many miles of fungal filaments. All these work the soil, transform it, and make it so valuable for the trees.”  Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees.  I have been struck by the recent exciting work by arborists and biologists that have identified the crucial role that…

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